Uncle Nearest Collection

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Six chocolates handcrafted with ultra-premium whiskey from Uncle Nearest in a 12 piece luxury gift box collection.

NEAREST GREEN Uncle Nearest flaship 1856 blended with milk and dark chocolate.

LINCOLN COUNTY 1856 sugar maple tree sap caramel finished with charcoal sea salt.

GERALDINE Phillip Ashley's version of a Margarita, named for his paternal grandmother, using 1856 premium aged whiskey, white chocolate, lime and sour reduction, finished with kosher salt. 

FOR FAWN Crafted in honor of Uncle Nearest founder, Fawn Weaver, 1884 small batch whiskey, orange blossom honey and dark chocolate. 

THE PERFECT BITE Our whiskey caramel pecan turtle in bon bon form with 1856 premium whiskey.

QUEEN V Crafterd in honor of Nearest Green descendant and Uncle Nearest Master Blender, Victoria Butler, this chocolate features local honey, warm spices and 1884 small batch whiskey blended with milk chocolate.