chef philip

Our Chocolatier

Chef Phillip Ashley Rix

What Kate Spade did for handbags, Louboutin for women’s shoes and Versace for the world of fashion, award-winning designer chocolatier, Chef Phillip Ashley Rix is doing for chocolate; liberating it from the confines of tradition. Self-trained in chocolate, Rix exited a ten year career in corporate and international sales with FedEx, UPS and Apple and has gone on to be named one of the Best Chocolatiers and Confectioners in America by TasteTV. Having created over 150 designer chocolates, Chef Rix is renowned for his wildly imaginative flavor profiles such as Thai lemongrass mint white balsamic vinegar picual extra virgin olive oil, bacon caramel shortbread, gorgonzola dolce apricot and even barbecue. His passion for flavor is matched only by a masterful attention to detail for creating visually stunning pieces of edible art.

Our Passion

Every chocolate should tell a story and we begin each tale by fashioning the finest fair trade chocolate into superior finished pieces.  From the sheen and snap of the outer shell, to the seductive ganache centers; each time a Phillip Ashley chocolate crosses your lips it will be an experience unlike any other.

Our Inspiration

Our quest to capture the imagination of chocolate lovers the world over is rooted in sourcing the absolute finest ingredients and we spend countless hours developing the most unique combinations. Join us as we pioneer a new era of taste.

Our Chocistry™

Our designer chocolates offer an unparalleled perspective honoring the history, chemistry and artistry of artisan chocolate making coupled with an avid desire to see beyond what is, introducing that which has never been…